In our product range, we offer one-piece queues...

One-part cues, house cues

In our product range, we offer one-piece queues of the brands Dufferin, Riley. Material is made of maple, ash, ramin and glass fever in different lengths.

Deluxe one-piece cues

This one-piece cue is made of high quality maple wood with a...

Dufferin one-part cues

From all manufacturers worldwide, Dufferin offers them the best...

Ramin one-part cues

Ramin cue with 12mm screwed joint tip.

Riley one-part cues

Riley snooker cues, 9,5 mm adhesive tip, length 145 cm.

Glass fiber one-part cues

House-cue made of glass fiber and a 12 mm slip-on tip.

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