Frisbee Leisure Game

Frisbee is a round throwing disc, used as a sports device, has become one of the most popular holiday and leisure games in recent years. By a circular motion during dropping, an aerodynamic buoyancy arises, which allows this disc, which is made of plastic, to "float" more than 100 m in the horizontal state. From the speed there are specially shaped Frisbees, which "fly" up to 110 km fast and then have to be caught with only one hand according to the rule! This disc, also known as the Disc, was made in the US more than 50 years ago, where you also received the brand name "Frisbee". Today, Frisbee is run on the highest level of sport worldwide by official associations of its active members. In addition to the sporting aspect, frisbee games are now also very helpful under pedagogical terms. The exercise requires a high degree of concentration, dexterity and coordination, and is therefore very popular as a movement game in schools. Furthermore, a Frisbee serves as a long and wide flying object for many dog ??owners, which is usually caught by the dogs during the flight with great joy.
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